I am a senior postdoc with a background in electrical/biomedical engineering and computer engineering. I work at the Educational Neuroscience group at the Institute of Psychology, University of Graz, Austria. My research interests include number processing and arithmetic, EEG-based connectivity analysis, biomedical signal processing, applied machine learning, applied statistics, brain-computer interfaces, and software development. I am a proponent of open source software and I believe that science should be open as well, including data and analysis scripts. Python is my favorite language, but sometimes I enjoy performing data analysis and statistical tests with R (thanks in particular to its Tidyverse). I maintain and develop MNELAB (a PyQt-based graphical user interface for processing EEG/MEG data using MNE), the Qt/C++ based biosignal visualization tool SigViewer, and SCoT (a Python toolbox for EEG-based source connectivity estimation). I am part of the MNE and pyXDF development teams, and I have contributed to scikit-learn, pandas, PsychoPy, and BioSig.

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